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How To Play Chinese Mahjong For Beginners

How To Play Chinese Mahjong For Beginners

FAQ 10: "Simplified Mah-Jongg Rules for Beginners". A: Because Chinese mah-jongg is much simpler than American mah-jongg.. Now each player builds a wall (a row of tiles, 2 tiles high) 17 tiles long (each player makes a 34-tile wall).. .. Newsgroups: rec.games.mahjong; fj.rec.games.mahjong; tw.bbs.rec.mj
How to Play Mahjong. Mahjong is a Chinese game invented near the beginning of the 20th Century that requires skill and strategy. This article explains the basic .
Welcome to the Absolute Beginners guide to Mah Jongg.. This guide is intended for beginners who wish to get an overview of how the game is played.
The first rules given here are based on the original Chinese game which is the. They are denoted by a Chinese horse and are used for the play of another. .. This is good practice for beginners although not quite such a good game as the .

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