What is PABX and How it Works?

As described by wikipedia, PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch eXchange. A PABX is basically a phone system commonly referred to as a switchboard that is used as an internal phone system in the office.

Simple Overview of PABX System

The PABX system has several / many cable connections that lead to a switchboard. That is why there is a term “branch” in the extension of PABX, since this “branch” refers to the number of connections connected to PABX. PABX tool is a sophisticated technology because it can be used as a telephone, modem and fax machine, and can be used as an internal communications tool employees in the office.

How it works PABX is that this device is actually a modem that serves as a central control station. Every time a new phone comes in, it will be routed through the control station. Because in the PABX system has been entered a certain code for each phone number in the office, or for each extension, then the incoming phone will be directed to the right destination by using the code.

Example of Use of PABX in the Office

PABX can also be programmed so that there will be auto greeting every time there is an incoming call before being directed to the destination in question. For fax function purposes, you can program the connection through the control station to a fax machine, or even to various fax destination numbers.

Modern PABX can even be programmed with a computer system to track every incoming call and outgoing phone. This system can even be arranged by anyone who can make a phone connection to a particular destination. PABX can also be used to determine unauthorized employee phone usage.

PABX can also be used as an Auto Attendant, a feature that automatically directs callers to certain destinations. This feature is especially suitable for large-scale businesses that always receive incoming calls in large numbers every day. You can also do conference calls using PABX.


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