Various Kinds of Plastic Surgery usual Korean People

lark voorhies face what happened – Various kinds of plastic surgery can be performed by a surgeon there, with the result that looks natural, smooth and natural buildup:


1. Augmentation rhinoplast (make tu lang hidunglebih high / sharp)
Most Koreans have a low nasal bones, until they want nasal bone is high, as discussed earlier, that the standard of beauty korean look alike a doll, which is oriented to the beauty of the west procedure is to insert the implant is new bone, silicon or from bone imitation bred of cartilage the patient himself, supposing there are thinking, why nose Koreans, especially artists / actors are sharp-nosed nature, one answer because they do not use silicone as an implant, but from their own bone, so it would be pinched as hard as any ga would be caught, or heat also ga will melt, anyway implan of own bone or bone transplants silicone as an implant inserted

2. rhinoplasty to turn down the nostril nose (blunt tip)
Technique bone nasal alar cartilage is carved to shape becomes more acute unneeded fat tissue is removed (try to see the second step in the image), and both bones sewn (see step 3) bone alar nasal cartilage is carved up into more pointed shape unneeded fat tissue is removed (try to see the second step in the image), and both bones sewn (see step 3)

3. Protruding mouth surgery
Pressing jaw protruding mouth fore aka “monyong” or alveolar medical term bonesnya forward. It is therefore necessary procedures in order to suppress the anterior segmental osteotomy in alveolar bonesnya.

4. Forehead Augmentation (additional volume of the forehead)
procedure is not as difficult as the previous operations, doctors inject enough silicon alloplastic patient’s forehead.

5. Jaw bone reduction dan zygoma/cheek bone reduction

This technique is used to change the shape of one’s face so that the V-shaped line,
usually in korea wearing splitramus sagittal osteotomy technique.
By cutting the bone of the mandible (jaw)

6. Eye surgery (epicanthoplasty)
technique makes eyelids so that the slanted shape of the eye can be wide and his eyelids visible.


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