pro series cargo carrier

pro series cargo carrierThe installation of your hitch mount cargo carrier is not the last challenge to pass. You must run a few more tests before getting ready to load the luggage. The most important one is carrier capacity test. It helps you to determine the strength of your carrier, thus preventing broken carrier during the trip.

Adding the Weight Gradually

The maximum capacity of your carrier is written on the manual book. Some of you could be so confident and put the carrier into test. Be thoughtful and add the weight gradually. Sloppily put on the maximum weight might break the carrier, and you will lose a great item for nothing.

If the maximum weight is 500 lbs, then start with 100 lbs first. In static condition, see how well it holds the weight. Do you see the board sway up and down or bend to any angle? If yes, then probably some of the screws are loose and you have to tighten them.

Going for A Ride

The next step of the test is to bring your carrier on a ride. Put on the 100 lbs weight first, then gradually add more luggage on the stack. It is better to go for a short ride first. Ride on a toll and pass the speed bump. It will be better of you could find a route that pass a bumpy road.

Approximately one week before the scheduled date, take your carrier and the intended weight for another ride. This time, ride for a further distance than the first one. Observe the carrier, just in case you have to purchase extra tools. If possible, ask someone to drive a motorcycle behind and also observe the carrier.

What is a great thing about capacity test? It gives you a picture of how strong your carrier and how much luggage you can actually bring along. Instead of doing it all at once, you probably want to do it step by step. This way, you could get more accurate result and keep the hitch mount cargo carrier safe.


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