Taking the dog smell of my house

The body odor of the dogs is much more intense than other pets, such as cats, and it is not surprising that our house is over that smell impregnated, although properly maintain your hygiene. Also, there are breeds of dogs with a tendency to give off a stronger smell than others, Poodle and Dachshund, for example, are breeds that do not usually smell bad. Generally, owners often do not realize that the house smells like dog, but not visits. So you can easily get rid of it, this article wants to teach how to get the smell of dog home with some simple.

following steps:

1. The first thing you should do is pay attention to the intensity of the smell : if your dog smell stronger than normal, take it to the vet as often the stench often symptom of viral diseases. Sometimes the cause is often the face of his dog, since according to the level of fat your skin loose body odor will be more or less strong (the more fat, the more smell).

2. A very effective trick to prevent your dog release a strong odor and prevent your home smell to it is to mix your special shampoo for dogs with a cup of apple cider vinegar, as it is a powerful degreaser. If you have already started using the shampoo jar, the ratio should be in equal parts. Mainly dry the dog after a bath, do not leave it outdoors since then have not served for anything and will soon be smelly.

3. Regularly clean bed, blanket, mattress and, overall, the place where he usually sleep is essential to reduce the smell of dog home . By spending so many hours there, it is completely impregnated with its smell and the best way to eliminate it is by cleaning frequently. You can leverage to do it when you give bath the dog, remembering that the most advisable is to do it every 15 days.

4. If your dog is used to go up on the couch and armchairs, wash them too often. See our article where we provide you the best tricks to clean the couch and get rid of dog smell. Nevertheless, the most advisable is to teach him to abandon this custom: your dog should have its own space and you your score for their leadership and give him a place to feel safe.

5. Just as the apple cider vinegar is good to neutralize the smell of dog it is also good to eliminate it from your home. To this, add 1/4 cup of this vinegar in your usual detergent when washing the clothes of her dog and sofa covers, etc. You can also do it to clean the carpet , as is often a favorite place of the dogs to lie down and also get to smell them.

6. A very effective trick to eliminate the dog smell of your home is to use an absorbent product smells like baking soda . Sprinkle a bit through the rooms of the house where your dog usually is and let act during the night. Do not do it where your dog is sleeping because if he ingest the product in large quantities can have gastrointestinal problems. Apply baking soda on your bed to take him for walks , for example, and leave act for one hour.
After that time, simply pass a vacuum cleaner and go! Your home will no longer smell the dog. You can sprinkle the ground both as sofa and carpets.

7. Finally, if you have more than one dog and your house still smelling them despite previous tricks, you have the option to put in your home an air purifier . Despite being the most expensive drug, it is also the most efficient since it eliminates all kinds of bad odor and contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, etc. In addition, air fresheners offer the ability to maintain good smell . If you want to avoid bad breath in your dog , see our article where we detail how to do this.



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