Sliding Closet Doors IKEA with Modern Style

Sliding Closet Doors IKEA

Sliding closet doors IKEA has very modern design which will make your closet more beautiful. You could purchase it individually to be installed at your closet door. There are many selection available from IKEA.

Sliding Closet Doors IKEA

Sliding closet door from IKEA

  1. Pair of sliding door from IKEA: this sliding door is sold in pair so you could just install it on your own as the instruction that you will find when you purchase it. They are available in standard of 59 inch width by 92 inch height. There are many beautiful selections available for this door that comes from a lot of brand in IKEA. You can even find door that has two different color and material for one side of the door and the other side of the door.
  2. IKEA four panel of sliding closet door: another option that IKEA provides for you when you have sliding door that is larger than one pair of sliding door, then you could use this four panel sliding closet doors IKEA. They have standard of 29 inch width by 79 inch height for each panel so you could combine the four panels to be install in your closet sliding door. You will get beautiful color and some even comes in pattern which would be stylish for your room.
  3. Sliding closet door frame and rail from IKEA: if you just need to have the frame and rail to repair your old sliding door, then you could use this product from IKEA. It has standard 92 inch height with 3 inch build in deep to create great support for your sliding door. For the surface you could use any panel that you already have at home or you could just purchase other sliding closet doors IKEA to be attached to the frame. The rail also available in the set.


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