Ready to fall in love again after a painful divorce?

Rukhiyat Auditiar Who is it, married couples who want a divorce? It is a form of failure and betrayal of commitment and love that have been built together. Rukhiyat Auditiar However, many couples still choose divorce as a last resort when the marriage they crave does not bring the happiness that is expected. However, will you continue to sink into solitude after a failure in marriage? When are you ready to rise, looking for happiness again? Rukhiyat Auditiar Here are some things you should be prepared for when you want to start a new love (after marriage failure) again.

Rukhiyat Auditiar

Forget the past
Certainly not a wise reason to fall in love just because of wanting revenge for the hurt from previous marriage. To be happy again, you must completely forget and accept the bitter events of the past, as part of the past. Make peace, then you will be able to start a peaceful new love.

Be smart
Never fall into the same hole. Be cautious and adult when deciding to start a new love. Make sure well before opening your heart, by first testing the character of your potential lover.

Be calm
Once you might meet the former, be calm and mature. If the meeting situation may be heating up keep your heart and mind from being easily provoked. Avoid all sorts of quarrels and desires to blame each other, for all is no use.

The future welcomes you
Instead of remembering always the bitter past, you should go forward to look at the future that is welcoming you. There are many things you can do and plan for. Start school again, pursue a better career or do other important things that you have not had time to do.

Expand friendship
Do not stay silent, traumatize new relationships and close your heart. Instead, it’s time you have the chance to be friends with as many people as possible. From these friendships you will re-discover many characters of people and through the experience you have passed you will be able to select the right person according to your heart.

While enjoying your solitude
Although there are many who sympathize with you, do not rush open the heart again. For a while, enjoy your solitude while doing self-introspection, reassembling the things that have been missing from you.


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think positively
Never traumatize with the bitter happenings you have ever experienced. Instead, think positively that the events after you’ve experienced is a process of learning to make you better in the future.

Involve parents, relatives, and friends
Before deciding to live a new life with someone, first ask for advice from your parents, relatives and friends. They are the people you do not need to doubt your loyalty.


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