Mistakes to Avoid After a Painful Divorce

“It’s been done, a very painful separation, never imagined before it will end like this.Childing is the best way so our lives can start over.”

No one expects their marriage life to end in divorce, but if it has to happen in your life, then face it with hardness.

After all the divorce process is done, now is the time for you to look back on the future, rearrange your life from the beginning, forget the past events and make it a lesson. Stop regretting it because divorce is not the end of everything. Be a new person and no longer make the same mistakes.

There are many reasons why divorce can happen, but let it be part of your past and most important now is how your efforts to change for the better and improve your mistakes. Therefore, here are some mistakes you should avoid after a painful divorce, so you will not experience it again.

1. Do not criticize too much more than praise
Ask yourself if you tend to criticize your ex-partner more often than to praise him. When you answer, Yes! So you need to understand that in fact – if you want to be honest – no one likes to be criticized, so does your former first. Now that it’s all done, rather than continuing to regret it, then you better start thinking that this is the right time to fix it all. Try to be a new person who likes to praise. Remember to praise not only on the lips, but praise with sincerity because the results will be very different.

2. Never again bring up past events
Do not ever bring up the past because it will only weaken you and make you sad, so you can not get up and out of the mistakes of the past. Forget it all, tomb deeply and make it all as a process of maturation. Do not blame each other for it is all vain and pointless.

3. Do not be too defensive
Do not be too defensive in which you do not want to lose argument. Do not be too defensive where you do not want your ideas to be defeated. Do not be too defensive because you feel that you are the most knowledgeable of all, but be a humble new person who is willing to accept suggestions from others and more concerned with common interests rather than personal interests.


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4. Not immediately improve the economic condition
Now you are no longer fully responsible for your ex, maybe only your children who still need the love of both of you. You currently have many opportunities to do your best to improve your economy, so work hard and focus on getting a better life.

5. Lack of communication
If the cause of your divorce during this time due to lack of communication, then now change it all. If you have found a successor now, learn from your past bitter experience and begin to spend time communicating with your partner so that various problems and misunderstandings can be resolved soon.

6. Do not be dishonest anymore
Never again become dishonest, unfaithful and open, because if you can not change it all, then you can not change from your past mistakes at all. Know in a marriage life the most important thing for marriage to always be harmonious is an honest attitude between the couple.

7. Take less time for family
No more busy in your workplace make excuses for not having time for family. Even though you are now divorced try to be able to spend as much time as possible for your child and other family members you love. Do not let your busy work in destroying your current happiness.

Finally, so that your new life you can now live well, then you must be willing to introspect yourself. Take a moment to reflect and recall any mistakes that have been the cause of your divorce, either your own mistakes or the mistakes your ex has made. Make it as a material to review what things you should do so that the same event will not happen again.


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