How to get HP printer software for Windows

When it comes to install the printer or face some problems to the printer, you may be required to have the software. Actually, the HP printer software can be useful in some cases like having trouble when installing the printer or receiving the error message while printing. If you unfortunately lost or do not have the software, you can get it from the manufacturer’s website. This articles aims at describing the steps of how to get the software printer especially for HP.

HP printer software

The Operating windows requirement

It is important to identify the operating system of your desktop or computer. To be able to install the HP printer software, it needs the platform, for example, 32 bit or 64 bit. If the flat form is not appropriate, it indicates that the printer cannot operate well. To verify the windows type you can do the following steps.

  • click start, then click the menu “run”
  • type the command prompt in the dialog box,
  • then you can type masinfo32
  • Then you will the dialog box of system information
  • you can see the “system type” to know what type of windows you use

Visiting the HP website to find the software

To get the original software of the HP printer, you can visit the link http:/ Firstly, you are required to enter the name of HP printer, product number, or serial number. To know the serial number, you can find it on the back side of the product. It is commonly a barcode sticker. For example, you can enter the type of the printer you have like Deskjet 2566 then click “find my product” and wait for a while.

After that can choose or click the name or type of printer displayed in the dialog box. You can click “go.” Then, there will appear some menus and you just need to choose “software and driver”. Before submitting you are required to confirm the operating system.

After you press the “submit” button, then you can click the button “save” or “start download”/ Wait for several times until the downloading process finishes. If it is finished, you can install the HP printer software on your computer. The steps of installation are quite easy in which you just need to follow the instruction. The installation process commonly does not take many times. Finally, click button “finish” on the dialog to finish the installation.


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