How to Avoid Fleas in the Yard

Fleas are a problem in many homes, especially those who own garden and where animals live with us. We have to guard and prevent them from infesting with fleas, not to propagate through the house and cause their annoying bites at all.

There are several solutions to prevent this from happening with them get to keep your home free of them and also you. To learn how to avoid fleas in the yard, carefully read the following umComo article where we give some advice to achieve this.

Following steps:

1. To prevent fleas in your garden, the first thing you should do is avoid as much that it remains moist, it is in these places where fleas feel more at ease. So we must keep the grass always short and pull weeds or elements that may remain too wet it.

Keep neat and dry garden will be one of the best forms of fleas they do not appear in it and hence do not come home.

2. Through the pets is the easiest way to convey the fleas, as it carries in its by entering into the house. To fight it and prevent fleas make nests in pets, should give them baths regularly with shampoo anti fleas as a repellent.
Thoroughly clean the animal’s neck area as this is where the fleas cling more often and, after bathing, apply a solution of boiled rosemary in water and spray on the animal to ward off these pesky insects. The use of pipettes, sprays, and products to avoid the parasites is also highly recommended. Also, you can opt for home remedies to eliminate fleas that will help you keep them away.

3. Another solution that can add to help scare the fleas off their animals is to put a scarf on his neck every week with citronella, which is a natural anti-parasitic, or also with essential oil of lavender or tea tree. These strong smells trouble him fleas and thereby avoid that our animals are infested. Failing that, you can put necklaces anti fleas specials, which are sold in pet stores.

4. To scare the fleas indoors, should always keep it clean and inhale it assiduously. Thus, if any still exist with this procedure will be deleted. For carpets can sprinkle baking soda because it kills fleas and so you make sure it is not any. Insist especially in the corners where knock the sunlight and are wetter.
Wash all clothing from the house weekly with long programs at 60 degrees to remove any egg and fleas that might be remaining. Also, use the dryer than to further ensure their proper disposal.

5. Another way to prevent fleas indoors is filling an aluminum container with soap and water and put it in strategic places of the rooms, such as under a table or behind a mobile, always carefully so that your pet does not reach. Thus, the possible fleas become trapped in this solution of water and soap and can eliminate them easily. You can repeat this system cleaning it and replacing with a new one every four days.



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