Here is the Average Price of Computer Embroidery

Here is the Average Price of Computer Embroidery

Now, more and more computer embroidery service providers. This also makes the price offered to compete. In this case, you as a customer who benefits. You can get cheap price of computer embroidery.
However, do you know what is the average price offered by a computer embroidery service provider?
Some dare to give the price of Rp 20,000 per unit. In fact, there is also a price membandrol Rp 5,000.

Bordir komputer And when compared with the results of manual embroidery, clear computer embroidery is much better. Details are more visible and computer embroidery machines are able to make embroidery with a complicated design though. And certainly, the process is very fast although you order in large quantities.
However, the price set by each computer embroidery service provider of course different. At least, some of the following you should know that you get a very cheap price of computer embroidery.

– Design
Of course you have to bring your own embroidery design. You do not need to make it in software. Just make it in sketch only. Computer embroidery service providers will usually process by way of scanning and editing using computer embroidery software.
However, what needs to be observed is the concept of embroidery design. We recommend you create a design that is not too complicated. The size does not need to be too large for the price of computer embroidery cheaper.

– Color
You definitely want to have t-shirts, clothes, or anything that embroidery interesting. And what makes embroidery interesting is the varied colors. jasa bordir komputer
However, you should know the more varied colors used then the more expensive price. We recommend that you consult with someone who is an expert in the field of embroidery design to create an attractive design without having to use too many colors.

– Quantity
However, the amount of embroidery is crucial to price. The more embroidery you order, the cheaper the unit price. Different if you order embroidery on manual embroidery services. Probably one with many embroidery ranges in price not too far away. Because each embroidery is made by one person.

Unlike computer embroidery. The embroidery process is a machine. So, more and more embroidery, unit price is much cheaper.
Apart from that, you should know there are so many different types of computer embroidery machines. And this is one of the determinants of the quality of embroidery produced. There is a 6 head embroidery machine. There are also 12 heads. Embroidery results of two different types of embroidery. Jasa bordir kompuer jakarta
Maybe you can consult with an embroidery service provider first to make sure the results are as you expect them to be. So, you not only compare the price of computer embroidery between services with each other.


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