Going Classic with the Taper Haircut – the Haircut to Die for

Classic Taper Haircuts

The Taper Haircut is worth trying if you are planning to change your hairstyle. This hairstyle which is always trendy and fits well with any man, also called the classic hairstyle. Something classic is always great. Let’s check what this hairstyle really is to make you more confident in explaining to your barber about the haircut you want.

Classic Taper Haircuts

Different Types of Classic Taper Haircuts:

  • The Traditional Classic. How to get this hair style that always works well with men having different shapes of face is easy. The barber will just taper the hair short around the back and the sides, and they are blended with the hair on top which is three inches in length. To make your hair even more interesting, you can have your beard which is first trimmed well. To have casual look, you can use it forward. Using cream for separation and shine is smart. The separation will stay longer with a high quality cream.
  • The Classic. The Taper Haircut—the classic one, gives a man masculine, neat, and stylish look. Not to mention its easiness to maintain, this hair style is really the cool hair style to die for. The longer part on the top hair and the shorter part on the back and sides will allow men to have options in styles.
  • The Tight Classic. It’s almost the same with the classic one, but it has enough length to have options in styles. With this hair style, you can use pomade—should be the best in quality, and clean the sides. To have swept side and forward, you can use a little of cream. Not every barber can do this style. If you want to have this aggressive type of classic Taper, you should go to barber specializing in short-hair cutting.
  • The Low Tight. Experts will use special technique to make it tight in the bottom and then blend it with the top hair. However, this haircut needs products to make it more stylish that can make solid holds for a long time and natural shines. Like the Tight Classic, to have this haircut you need to go to experts specializing in short-hair cutting.

It is such a great thing to talk about hairstyles for men, right? Experts will always find ways to have innovation even for the classic hairstyle, Taper Haircut. For more detail about Taper Haircut, click Charmaine’s Hair Website.


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