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“Scott Prussing’s Breathless is a vampire romance novel that breaks out of the predisposed storyline that tends to follow the vampire romance genre. Breathless, while appropriate for a young adult, will draw in readers of all ages. Prussing’s use of vivid visual details and captivating, moving characters made it very easy for me to step into the story. All the characters are impossible to forget. By the end of the book I was so emotionally connected to them I wanted to contact the author to find out what happened next. Breathless is a breath of fresh air and a truly captivating read. I sincerely hope Scott Prussing adds additional books to continue this fabulous story!”

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I have to give kudos to Scott Prussing for writing a book that, although it includes vampires, has managed to break away from the same old over-worked concepts and instead puts a new and creative spin on things. Rather than being the focus, vampires are the catalyst that brings in much-needed new blood to the supernatural world in the form of deadly vampire hunters known as volkaanes.

With straight forward prose and a fresh perspective, there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very last page has been turned. A riveting tale of passion, danger and forbidden love, Breathless breathes new life into the vampire genre.

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This is an excellent book. I could hardly put it down and kept reading to find out what was going to happen. The chemistry between Leesa and Rave is wonderful. They play off each other brilliantly. I liked the minor characters also: her aunt and uncle; her friends Cali, Caitlin and Stacie; and also the vampire, Stefan. If you liked the Twilight books you will love this one. I can’t wait for the next.

Review excerpt from MindingSpot blog:

“Breathless is a new and unique take on the vampire novel with spins and turns and a new twist of what goes bump in the night.  Leesa is a phenomenal character who I would love to read more about.  With romance, suspense and goosebumps, Breathless is a sensational debut.”

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“Scott Prussing writes an amazing tale with this wonderful fantasy and romance novel. Breathless has a refreshing view of vampires and is filled with mystery and intrigue. Prussing scores a win with his book, and fans are looking for a sequel to this great vampire story.

Prussing introduces a new species that is a breath of fresh air, creating new species that have new powers always seems to add depth to any fantasy novel. These new creatures, volkaanes, give the book a bit of originality that many vampire books lack.

Breathless is  truly a book you will fall in love with and want to read over and over again. Check it out today!”

What Readers Are Saying about Breathless

“I just finished Breathless, and all I can say is wow! I loved it, and thank you for keeping me on the edge of my seat for the last few chapters!”  Kristi B.  Los Angeles, CA

“I just finished reading Breathless! What a wonderful story, I can’t wait til book two comes out. This book literally brought tears to my eyes near the end. Not every book I read does that. This is one of the few! Thank you for writing such a wonderful story I will be eagerly awaiting book two.” Melody T.

“My wife and I both read  Breathless. I read a book every week and once in a while I find one that is very special — the phrase “I could not put it down” comes to mind. Breathless is one of those special books.”  David A.  La Mesa, CA

“I just finished Breathless this a.m….EXCELLENT!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!…Did not know I was a fan of vampire books until I read this one…”  Cheryl A.  Nashville, TN

“I loved Breathless. I personally think it’s better than the Twilight books and I love those, too.” Kim J.  San Diego, CA

‎“Two thumbs up–couldn’t put it down–stayed up to finish in one sitting.” Marcia G.  Boston, MA

“Breathless was fantabulous! Scott Prussing is a wonderful, beautiful writer and I can’t wait to read more!”  Heather M.  San Diego, CA

“Breathless was TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!!!” Heather D.  Athens, GA

“Breathless kept me on my toes throughout the entire book wondering what was going to happen next. I have never been into the whole vampire phenomenon, but loved every page I read.” Kristin M.  San Diego, CA

“I found it extremely hard to put Breathless down, even at work. I absolutely LOVED ITTTTT!!!!! It’s so different from any vampire book I have read but still has that Love that a human could only wish for. Love IT Love IT Love IT!” Johna F.  Brunswick, GA

“Your book was SPECTACULAR…  REALLY AND TRULY, Breathless is GREAT!!! Now I need some new reading… When is your next book due out?”  Kerry K.  Andover, NJ

“I just wanted to let you know I just finished reading your book. After getting to the part where Leesa and Stefan have that discussion under the maple tree, I knew I was in trouble. I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep until I finished it…” Marie M.  San Diego, CA

“I loved this book, great job with the story line, vivid scenes. Sometimes I abandon books in the middle if I know how they’ll end, but this really had me hooked and I was anxious to see how it would end.”  Brenda S.  Poway, CA

“I just finished your book……. Oh my goodness. It was awesome. Are you going to do another??? I sure hope so.” Janice M.  Jacksonville, IL

“You are a genius!! A fresh new way into the vampire world. I couldn’t put Breathless down! Now I’m begging for more with the characters! Please!!! Keep the writing coming!” Mary E.  San Bernardino, CA

“Breathless is a great book, with a very appropriate title. I was literally almost “breathless” racing to the end to see what would happen.” Gregg P.  Charlotte, NC

“Scott Prussing is a gifted author who has the reader wondering what happens next—a true page turner.”  Vicki B.  Minneapolis, MN

“I read this book on my vacation, and I really enjoyed Breathless! Tasteful references to Twilight, but had a flavor all its own. A page turner to find out what happens! Recommended by a friend, and I’m for sure recommending it to my friends.”  Brenda E.  Rancho Bernardo, CA

“I LOVED the book! Finished it  in one day! Couldn’t stop till I was done! Great ending! Thank you!” Melody L.

“I received my copy in the mail today and am already half done with it (I would probably be finished if I didn’t have kids) REALLY AND TRULY this book is GREAT!!!” Nichole S.  Ohio

“I have just finished Breathless and I LOVED IT! Any Twilight fan will love it and anyone who is tired of Twilight’s “sparkle” will love it as well. Breathless will leave you eagerly awaiting more.” Heather H.  Twenty-nine Palms, CA

“Just finished Breathless, it was fabulous!!!!! I am hoping for a second book! Deborah K. Lakewood, CO

“Breathless  is a breath of fresh air and a truly captivating read.” Rhonda V.  Gardner, KS

“I really enjoyed Breathless. Fast moving, interesting and clever.”  Bruce G.  San Diego, CA

“I finished “Breathless” in one night—wouldn’t go to sleep until I knew the ending. Thanks for a great book and enjoyable evening!”

“Breathless breaks away from the same old over-worked concepts and instead puts a new and creative spin on things. I loved it.” Renee Fountain,  NY

“I enjoyed reading Breathless. The fact that I was still unsure of the outcome when I was only eight pages from the end shows how well written it is.” Sharon W.  Stanford, KY

“Breathless is  truly a book you will fall in love with and want to read over and over again. Check it out today!” Ruby G