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Look pretty far from signs of aging be a desire of many women. However, the steps taken often instant, ie plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery. Consider the advantages and risks before deciding. When the first women tend to secretly undergoing plastic surgery, the last few years changed. They are more open revealing. Not long ago, pedangdut Nita Talia made a surprise with his new appearance that is barely recognizable.

Thin face, pointed chin, and prominent nose ala Korean girl. Nita dare admit that his face changed drastically since she had plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery. Actually, anything that includes aesthetic surgery? Surgery is part of the aesthetic plastic surgery, “brother” reconstructive surgery. Doctors Sidik Setiamihardja Spb SpBP-RE, founder RS Bina Aesthetics, Jakarta, said that including aesthetic surgery or beauty, among others, grow hair, fix the nose and chin, forming the lid, camouflage eye bags (lower eyelid), skin tightening face and neck, liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast fix.

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“Plastic surgery is done based on anatomy. For example, there are no creases eyelids, want to create.Explained to the patient, the situation is like this, then what you want? “Said the senior physician. Another case, for example, the patient wants to make sharp nose. The doctor will explore the reasons and wishes of the patient and explain the ingredients and operating procedures. Could use a solid silicone or rib cartilage or ear cartilage. “It means there will be two rounds of surgery,” he explained. Ie, surgery in donor area and the area you want to change. The result would be different. When using solid silicon, the nose will be sharp because of “forced”. Caucasian nose look thinner and “ghosting”. Solid silicone can not be merged with the body’s tissues.

In contrast to the use of materials of limbs which gradually converge and appear more natural. “Solid Silicone coated should also keep cartilage if you want the result is optimal,” he said. So how long results last plastic surgery? Is it possible to return to its original shape or effect “fade”? “Can be. For example, face lifting. As a result, wrinkles obscured. The patient was happy. But, is it the aging process continues to run, “said Sidik.

As a result, it may be in 6-7 years of wrinkles appear.

For lip surgery, because generally the lips do not experience the relaxation, relatively longer duration. Can be more than 10 years. Sometimes before that period, no patient again came to the surgeon because he wanted to change its shape. Yes, face shape is the reference patient often changed. Usually follow fashion trends or their role model. Chin surgery duration was about 10 years old. Similarly, the formation of the eyelid. Durability is long enough, it can be 10-12 years.

It could be at the time the patient felt his eyelids narrowed again. “The problem is not in the eyelid. However, increasingly sagging facial skin which makes the petals seemed to shrink, “he said. The solution, subsequent treatment undertaken is face lifting, in addition to reducing wrinkles, eyelid “popped” back. The duration of breast surgery may take longer, up to 20 years. “Provided, sagging skin is not easy and no stretch marks. If there is, it is usually easy to get down, “he said.

Meanwhile, plastic surgery is quite short durability is liposuction or liposuction. Typically, about six months, fat levels could rise again. “If you do not keep eating, it is easy to reverse,” said the father of five children. After the “validity period” has passed, most patients require repair or further treatment. Depending lifestyle and preferences. Surgical Hospital plastic surgeon Dr. Agus Santoso Surabaya-RE SpBP Budi explained, durability plastic surgery is actually dependent on the materials used.

For example, rhinoplasty. When using septumnasi in the nasal cartilage, ear cartilage, and cartilage ribs, the result can be preserved throughout the life of the patient. For solid silicone material or implants, results of operations could last 10-15 years. If after that bentuknyaterlihat not how good, there are two options. “The doctor returned to replace it with a new solid silicone or pick it up at the risk of his nose back into shape,” said Agus.

Not All Queries Can Be Approved

Plastic surgery process is not simple. Surgical Hospital plastic surgeon Dr. Agus Santoso Surabaya-RE SpBP Budi said that the most complex is the chin surgery. Interview until the operation could last three months. Not to mention the healing period. Which makes it complex, operations on the chin is a physician should do the cutting. “The term, bone sawing chin up as desired taper the patient,” he explained. Because of the complex, said the doctor who also practiced at hospitals Soetomo, not all plastic surgeons dared.

Plus, after chin surgery, facial structure will change. Therefore, Agus usually prioritize patients with medical indications such as mandibular overgrowth (chin is too long to gear down ahead of upper teeth) or patients with hiplofasi (chin protrudes into).The rest, there are patients on the basis of aesthetics wanted taper chin.However, Agus asserted that ideally the plastic surgeon does not necessarily accept all the requests of patients. “We only accept the reasonable request,” said Agus. That is, that does not make sense as wanting high sharp nose with no logical or addicted to plastic surgery will not be served. According to Agus, the desire or the request was not feasible met. Therefore, instead of helping, the doctor even plunge the patient.

How about planting method thread in beauty clinics? Do also arguably plastic surgery? Agus said yes. The concept of plastic surgery is divided into two, namely the reconstruction and aesthetic. Growing methods thread into the aesthetics that aims to change the face or body better. “Enterprises like it has no intention to change for the better, including plastic surgery,” said Public Relations Society of Plastic Surgeons Indonesia’s.Only, when the intended planting yarn, Agus advise people selectively. Do not let the bandwagon, but do not get effective results.


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