Divorce: If nothing else can be maintained

Every couple must have had a fight. Often these quarrels do not last long, and your relationship is back in harmony. But sometimes these arguments take a long time. Much longer. It’s so long that it seems like you’re fighting more than having a healthy relationship. When this happens in your marriage, you will wonderRead More

5 Tips to Tell Your Kids about Your Divorce


Deciding to end your marriage is a serious and difficult decision. Rukhiyatauditiar The decision is likely to have taken a lot of time and thought about the impact of changes that will occur in your life and your children. Research shows that open and persistent feuds can have a negative impact on your children. RukhiyatauditiarRead More

Understanding Access Control

access control

The term ‘Access Control‘ generally refers to systems that can control, monitor and limit the movement of people, assets or vehicles, in, out and around buildings or sites. The benefits of using an access control system include preventing loss or damage to capital assets and reducing the risk of personal injury to staff and visitors.Read More